Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pacific Fury at Rod's

I was the US Marines, invading an unnamed heavily defended island in the Pacific.  I had tanks, artillery, and air support, and a plethora of heavy weapons.  The task was to take the village in 8 turns.  Opposing was rod, with a hidden deployment of sneaky Japanese.  All in fantastically painted 20mm figures.

The initial troop selection

And the whole board.  The aquarium plant jungle looks really good with 20mm troops!

Rod's garage.  Like all of us, too much stuff!!!!  And not enough space!!!!

The initial advance was slow!

Then Japanese artillery hit the US artillery observer

Some marines hid behind some rocks.  That Japanese bunker was fearsome (and deadly)

Within the first couple of turns, the Japanese foward defences were shot to pieces.  But the Marines were pinned down and slow to move.  The tank was immobilised by the AT rifle, the foward observer for the artillery was killed, and the flame thrower team was pinned down and not coming foward to flame those bunkers!

Finally a team managed to get around to the back of one of the Japanese bunkers ...

But then the US aircraft arrived, and strafed the US troops!!!!

And Japanese reserves arrived.  The bunker was destroyed, but the reserves destroyed the infiltrating troops.  At this point we called it -- the Marines were barely off the beach, and their heavy weapons were mainly neutralized!!!

A fun game using Rod's home made experimental rules.  Pins seemed a bit to vicious - it took forever to recover.  But the board was gorgeous, and the rules were fun.  Rod will make a few tweaks, and we will try it again!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Game of Thrones after work

Our first full game of Game Of Thrones.

A five player game with:
- Dave (as Stark)
- Matty (as Greyjoy)
- Kristian (as Baratheon)
- Mal (as Lannister)
- myself (as Tyrell)

Not sure 5 player is that good.  Kristian and I quickly destroyed the neutral 6th player and took over their territories, while Dave, Matty, and Mal started struggling up north.  Kristian got very close to winning, and everyone started picking on Kristian, which left him very week.  In the last turn I took 3 castles (using a leader power to attack twice) to sneak a win.  Both Kristian and I had areas to expand too, giving us both an advantage.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Visit to Barries

I visited Barries to look at the Musket and Tomahawk's game he put on.  Spectacular!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Flames of War doubles game at the LGC

It was myself and Lowell, each with 1250 points, vs Rob and Matt.

Lowell had a heavy tank force (IS-2's).  Rob had fallshirmjager with two platoons of PaK 40's.  Matt had Jagdpanthers and Jagdpanzer IV/70's.  My force was

Soviet Motostrelkovy (Regular)

Mechanised Company, from Desperate Measures, page 12

Compulsory Motostrelkovy Batalon HQ (Regular) (p.13) - CinC Rifle, 2iC Rifle (25 pts)
- Komissar (15 pts)

Compulsory Motostrelkovy Company (Regular) (p.13) - Command SMG, 21x SMG (350 pts)
- 3x Replace SMG with Panzerfaust SMG (only if 21x SMG) (30 pts)

Compulsory Motostrelkovy Company (Regular) (p.13) - Command SMG, 7x SMG (130 pts)
- Replace SMG with Panzerfaust SMG (10 pts)

Tankovy Company (Regular) (p.9) - Command T-34 obr 1942, 8x T-34 obr 1942 (325 pts)
- 5x Upgrade T-34 obr 1942 to T-34/85 obr 1944 (150 pts)

Heavy Mortar Company (Regular) (p.18) - Command Rifle, 4x 120-PM-38 mortar (95 pts)
- Observer Rifle (15 pts)
- 3-ton truck per gun (5 pts)

Spetsnaz Platoon (p.27) - Command SMG, 2x SMG, 2x Captured Sd Kfz 251 half-track (100 pts)

1250 Points, 5 Platoons

The scenario was surrounded, and Lowell and I were the attackers.  Surrounded is really hard to defend, but on the larger table it wasnt as hard as on the smaller table -- the defender has interior lines, and doesn't risk getting shot in the rear as much.

The Germans chose a solid defense in the middle of the table, with Jagdpanthers in ambush, and command / 2iC Jagdpanzer IV/70's to be deployed.

Lowell and I tried to rush infantry through the wheat fields, and tanks around a hill to take out some Ostwinds.  The tanks were going to be infiltrated by spetznaz.

Of course, the Jagdpanzer IV/70's and Jagdpanthers were deployed last to prevent this.

It was going to be a hard push!!!!

First turn shooting by the Russians was VERY lucky.  IS-2's took out one of the Jagdpanthers (needing a 6 to hit).  The T-34 horde took out one of the Jagdpanzer IV/70's (needing Matt to roll a 1 on armor)

 The dice kept on being hot.  Next turn the other Jagdpanther went up in smoke, and the other command Jagdpanzer IV/70 went up.  Then two of the Jagdpanzer IV/70 platoon went, and they failed morale.  Suddenly, all the Germans had left were the fallschirmjagers!

The IS-2's went in for the assault.  The Fallshirmjagers redeemed the German side, killing an IS-2.  But it was too little too late -- they couldnt hold the objective, and Rob conceded.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Game of Thrones at the office

With Matty, Mal, and Dave.

We tried Game of Thrones.  We only got to turn 3 before Dave had to go.  This was a learning experience.  A real game soon!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Flames of War Vietnam at LGC

Played Ben at the Launceston Gaming Club.  1500 points each in Flames of War Vietnam.  Ben was Blackhorse Cavalry with all the toys (big tanks, small tanks, M113's, Zippos, ACAV, helicopters).

My list:

Vietnamese Infantry Battalion
Infantry Company, from Tour of Duty, page 22

Compulsory Infantry Battalion HQ (p.23) - 1x CinC AK47 Assault Rifle, 1x 2iC AK47 Assault Rifle (30 pts)
- 1x HMG Nest (60 pts)
- 1x Type 57 HMG (25 pts)
- 2x Type 52 75mm recoilless gun (40 pts)
- 3x Type 53 82mm mortar (60 pts)

Compulsory Infantry Company (p.24) - 1x Command AK47 Assault Rifle, 4x AK47 Assault Rifle, 3x B40 (175 pts)
- 1x Type 58 LMG (20 pts)
- 3x Replace B40 with B41 (20 pts)

Compulsory Infantry Company (p.24) - 1x Command AK47 Assault Rifle, 4x AK47 Assault Rifle, 3x B40 (175 pts)
- 1x Type 58 LMG (20 pts)
- 3x Replace B40 with B41 (20 pts)

Sapper Company (p.25) - 1x Command Pioneer AK47 Assault Rifle, 3x Pioneer AK47 Assault Rifle, 1x Pioneer B40 (150 pts)

Mortar Company (p.25) - 1x Command AK47 Assault Rifle, 6x Type 53 82mm mortar (125 pts)
- 1x Observer AK47 Assault Rifle (15 pts)

Divisional Mortar Company (p.27) - 1x Command AK47 Assault Rifle, 3x Type 53 120mm mortar (85 pts)
- 1x Observer AK47 Assault Rifle (15 pts)

Divisional Recoilless Gun Company (p.27) - 1x Command AK47 Assault Rifle, 6x Type 65 82mm recoilless gun (165 pts)

Local Force Company (p.70) - 1x Command Rifle, 5x Rifle (90 pts)
- 1x Replace Rifle with B41 (10 pts)
- 1x Type 58 LMG (20 pts)
- 1x Type 31 60mm mortar (20 pts)

Local Resistance (p.70) - 6x Resistance (150 pts)

1490 Points, 7 Platoons

The scenario was 'Free For All'.  I opted to use the vietnamese option of only having one force on the table, and being able to bring on the remaining troops using guerrilla reserves.  This may have been a poor decision -- it meant that the Vietnamese were constantly on the back foot.  It did, however, mean that the Vietnamese were able to spring 3 ambushes.

It started looking very sparse.  There wasn't anything protecting one flank (as I was only allowed to deploy one unit to cover two objectives!)

Ben charged up both flanks, and sent the helicopters to do some damage to the Vietnamese.  Those pink teams are tough!!!!!!

I got no reserves, so on to turn two.  Ben charged foward again.  Almost at both objectives!  Vietnamese reserves better come soon!!!!

Still no reserves for me.  Ben grabs the open objective.  We then realised I forgot to deploy my resistance teams.  Ben kindly let me deploy them -- one near each objective, and one in the central village.  I used the resistance team near the downed helicopter objective to move the objective (the brave peasants in the field have  miss-directed the imperialist dogs!)  (The brave Vietnamese peasants needed a 4+ to move the objective and keep the game alive for another turn)

Finally some Vietnamese reserves!  Got the divisional recoilless rifles.  And they appeared right behind the American M48 Pattons!  Scratch two Pattons!!!!!!  The helicopters returned to take on the recoilless rifles and wiped them out.  But they made hard work of it with some impressive saving die rolls!!!!!!

Ben grabbed the moved objective.  He also sent his zippo's around to support the Sheridans, since they had lost the big tanks.  But whats this -- another Vietnamese ambush with another platoon of recoilless rifles -- scratch the zippo platoon!!!!!!

But things were desperate.  I had to bring on an infantry company and charge it accross the open to contest the downed helicopter!

But massed free world firepower sent the brave Vietnamese to their makers!

There was one more turn, with a third ambush by recoilless rifles -- but it only managed to bail a M113, and hence didnt stop Ben getting the victory!  But he had to work for it!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sword and Spear at Rods

Went to Rod's for a game of Sword and Spear.  500 points.  Rod was Numidian, and I was Later Carthaginian.

My army list was an attempt to take as much cavalry and skirmishers as possible

Things looked good with an attack on the right by a strong cavalry force

But then one unit of Carthaginian foot held up my Cavalry despite being attacked by a unit with extra dice.  The Carthaginian foot lasted for 3 turns - despite routs on either flank.  The cavalry that advanced on either side of it had vulnerable flanks - which Rod exploited!

By the end of the game my cavalry hammer had been shredded by light horse and skirmishers hitting them in the flanks

Rod took minimal losses on the way to a crushing victory!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bolt Action at Nick's

A quick introduction of Rod into Bolt Action using 15mm figures.  Rod was German, vs Nick with US.  Somewhere in Normandy.  The US had a small number of infantry, but all the toys (including a tank).  The Germans had lots of infantry and a PaK 40.

All was going well for Rod until his artillery barrage rolled a '1' and scattered onto his own troops, pinning 5 units.  The US air strikes had no problems with missing, and pounded one infantry unit to oblivion, and damaging another unit.  One German flank collapsed, and the US were able to advance and position themselves for victory, so we called the game.