Friday, October 30, 2015

Last game with Matt (for a while)

Matt is heading back to Adelaide.  He has one more week at the Launceston club, but I will be in Sydney, so this was the last game I will get to play against Matt.  At least, not until we meet at Cancon some time :)

It was Flames of War, 1750 points of early war.  1750 points is a lot in early war.  Matt had SS infantry with armoured cars and AT guns.  I had French armour.  A ton of French armour.  The mission was fighting withdrawal.

The horde of French armour attacked down one flank, well away from the AT guns.  The game started badly for Matt when his motorcycle mounted SS troops tried to dismount and move into a village, but failed their roll to enter the village and stayed in the open, under MG fire.  Matt dropped his armoured cars out of ambush, and they shot up the French armoured cars.  But they couldn't withstand the French tanks.  I assaulted an infantry platoon in woods near the objective, losing one platoon of tanks as they bogged.  But the second platoon of tanks cleared the woods.  Matt then had to move his armoured cars over to contest the objective, and both bogged in woods.  So a very lucky win to me.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ancients Double Header

The plan was to play 'Art de la Guerre', but I still hadnt read the rules, so we played DBA (version 2.0) and Armati.  Both games were Romans vs Britons.


We played a double DBA game.  Board size is 4' x 4', and 'bases' are 4 bases on a movement tray.  All measurements are doubled.  Its still DBA, but looks so much better!

I was Romans, vs Rod the Britons.

The Brtish Chariots launched a charge against the Roman Auxilia that were in the open.

They broke through, only to be surrounded by Roman cavalry.  The British chieftan died, and victory to me.

We then moved on to Armati.  This was the first time I had played with full size armies correctly based.  The skirmishers and light infantry are on small bases, making them really maneuverable!

I was British, and launched an attach on each flank.

I won on my left flank, but a cohort of legionarries moved over to protect the flank, and blocked off any exploitation.  With the center weakened, I launched my barbarian horde foward.

On my left flank my impetuous charge swept all away that was in front of them.

But the rest of the battle stalled, and I started taking casualties.

On my right, the Roman cavalry ran through my skirmishers.  And my Chariots lost against the Roman Auxiliaries.  Hang on -- I had overwhelming force on this flank -- and the wheels came off!

One Auxilia broke away from the fight and moved towards the center

Where he hit the barbarians on the flank, and my whole line collapsed

Meanwhile on my left my sole remaining warband was fruitlessly pursuing some cowardly Romans!

Victory to Rod -- once my initial charge ran out of steam it was only a matter of time till I lost!!!

Both DBA and Armati are good fun -- we need to do them again!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

First Try at Eclipse

Well, its actually a second try -- Matty, Murray and I played at a cafe once before with someone else who was teaching us.  It took so long to set up and explain we got two turns in.

This was a learning game.  We explained the rules, set up, and played 4 turns.  At the end people had to go, so we ended the game at 4 turns.  I 'won' along with Matty, but if we had played another turn I would have been massacred, whereas Matty was on an upward trajectory.  He had dreadnoughts, with improved hulls, that were unstoppable.  He had taken the Galactic core.  No one was able to oppose him.  So Matty really won.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Crossfire at Rods

Rod introduced me to Crossfire.  I had heard about this a lot, but never actually played it.  And it was fun!  You really can feel the sweat dripping down your neck!  Do I order my troops across the road?  What if there is a MG in the building at the end of the lane?  Do I send one man across at a time -- or the whole platoon?

I had a platoon of US infantry attacking some hardened Germans somewhere in Tunisia.

I advanced up the right.

Hang on -- there are Germans in that wood!

And they have a panzerfaust!!!!

I advanced on the left, but was pinned down there as well.  My second sherman was destroyed on the left by another team with a panzerfaust.  Then I moved the heavy weapons up in the center.  They were pinned down, but there was some serious firepower from them.

The problem was the Germans in the white house on the lower right.  They had a fire lane covering the village.  With my second sherman destroyed, I couldnt take them out.  Especially as Rod was cunning and dropped smoke, and then ran his command team up to support them.  I tried to suppress them with my heavy machine guns, but eventually they lost the firefight.  At this point I conceded.

Overall, Crossfire is a winner.  There are rumors of Crossfire Version 2 -- if /when that appears I will pick up a copy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

13 Wonders at the office

OK -- it should be 7 wonders, but with a couple of expansions I now have 13 wonders!

Kristian, Mal, Matty and myself.  Kristian had never played before -- so he proceeded to win both games -- convincingly!!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Warmaster Ancients -- Romans vs Britons

Rod came over for a game of Warmaster Ancients.  We did 1000 points per side Romans vs Britons.

The Lists were :

Rod was Britons, and I was Roman.  The deployment was a unit at a time -- Rod had the bigger army, and so got to place his last few units with full knowledge of what my plan was.  Which didnt help, as I didnt have much of a plan!

For the first few turns my legions just refused to move, while my Auxilia charged forward on the flanks (to their destruction).  The British skirmishers made a mess of the Auxilia formation, which the barbarian warband then managed to chew up (though not without taking some damage!)

Eventually my Legion started moving, and it ran head long into a massed barbarian horde!

But the legionaries went through the barbarians like @#$% through a goose!  The game ended at this point, and it was a close run thing.  Rod had won on each flank, but lost in the center.  Who knows what would have happened in a few more turns!  To determine the victor there was a maths problem with value of units eliminated, and it was all too hard!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tokaido at the office

A good game of takenoko at the office.  Mal, Kristian and Dave all were playing for the first time.  I won, but by one point, with Kristian, Mal and Matty tied for second.  Dave got screwed for food at a restaurant by me, leaving him at the back.  (I took the last cheap food, and Dave couldn't afford the gourmet meal that was left)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wings of War at Barries

A 6 player wings of war game!

My Roland was a slow, un-maneuverable tank!!!!  My strategy was to fly toward where the battle was, and hope I could get a shot in.

The game did look good!!!!

At one point I was surrounded by enemy -- they were circling for blood!!!!

But in the end my comrades came back to my rescue.  Barry's plane went down in an explosion.  Jim's had engine damage and he just couldnt maneuver -- he eventually flew off the table (and hence out of the game) by accident.  Which left one allied plane left that headed for the hills!

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Went to HOGS (Hobart Gaming Society).  Dave Hay was free at the last minute, and rocked up just in time for the scond game.

The first game was Blueprints, and game of building dice structures to match a given blueprint.  Differnt dice scored differently -- the skill was in choosing which dice to go where to get maximum points.  I managed a second place.

Next we had a 5 player game of Puerto Rico.  I won, by one point!!!!!  It was very close.  I also discovered there is an expansion with additional buildings (which we didnt use)

Some of the other games being played.

And finally, someone was playing Power Grid with the Australia board.  Very interesting!!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Matt brings a die rolling assistant

Two games of Flames of War at the Launceston Gaming Club.  Me vs Matt (assisted by his wife, Pip), and Lowell vs Rob.

My game with Matt was 1500 points, Late War.  I had sappers with assault guns (and the hero V.S. Rat),  Matt had Kampfgruppe Pieper, with Pieper in a panther, a king tiger, and a lot of panzer IV's.

The mission was Breakthrough, with Matt attacking the objectives in the bottom left.

Nick sent his assault guns and some infantry foward, to break up the German attack.

But the swarm of Panzer IV's and Pumas got around his flank and killed a couple of assault guns.  Also, they had to rush back to protect the objective!  Matt's king tiger and hero Piper missed every shot -- for 3 or 4 turns running!

There was one assault gun that was bailed and kept staying bailed!  So the reception that was set up for Matts flank attack wasn't as strong as it should have been.  The assault guns did some damage, but not enough.  The fallschirmjager got into assault, and popped the assault guns.  The engineers went in to an assault, but missed every assault roll, were hit in the counterattack, failed morale, and retreated.  They then failed to unpin and go back into the assault!  So victory to Matt in a close game.

Meanwhile, on the other table Lowell and Rob had an early war game.  Lowell had a militia battalion -- there were thousands of them!!!!  I left before tha battle finished, but I think the militia were in trouble -- there was so many of them they just couldnt concentrate and get to the decisive point without getting in the way of each other.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kristian's Amazing Dominion Run

Played Dominion after work at the office.

Two games.  Kristian won both.  I came second in the first game, and last (by a long way) in the second game.

The first game was myself, Mal, Dave, and Kristian.  A close game.

Mal had a hangover and had to leave.

In the second game, Kristian managed to build a strong hand, capable of amazing runs of plays.  In one play he went through his whole deck, getting 39 money and uncounted buys and actions!  (Given a typical play that gets over 5 money is good, this was amazing!)

Friday, October 2, 2015


Had a doubles (well, 2 on 1) game using the Berlin book for Flames of War.

Rob was Germans, with an eclectic mix.  He had Hitler youth.  He had a King Tiger.  He had fearless fallschirmjager.  And he had old WWI veterans.

Lowell had IS-2's.  Thats it -- just IS-2's.

I had an interesting mix supplied by Rob.  T-34/85 flame tanks.  SU-76's,  Strelk with panzerfausts.  And scouts to lead an infiltration.

The table.  Note the ruined factory / city buildings in one corner

Lowell and I started with a rush up either flank

We rushed up to the city, hiding behind what buildings we could.

The Germans dropped 88's out of ambush -- but the Russian infantry poured foward and assaulted them to oblivion.  (Actually, they managed to snipe one of the 88's before the assault!)

This left an infantry blob close to an objective!

But Tigers appeared from reserve.  The gun fire from the tigers, mortars, and objective defenders wiped out the attacking strelk.  But not the scouts!

On the other flank, the IS-2's and strelk positioned to attack the other objective!

The scouts got into the objective.  The fallschirmjagers counterattacked, but were machine gunned and flame throwered to oblivion, and then assaulted by the scouts.  The Hitler Youth came in -- but they were taken down by the flame thrower tanks.  There was one surviving scout, who had to pass sole survivor, but he assaulted the King tiger and killed it!  Rob failed morale.  A bloodly, messy, victory!