Friday, November 27, 2015

Russian Winter and ...

Lowell and I played a flames of war game set in the Russian Winter.

1500 points, mid war.  I was German infantry, defending in a counterattack against Russian tanks.

It was a case of slow attrition, using the Stuka's to damage vehicles.

Eventually the Russian lost one platoon of tanks to the Stuka's.  But the other platoon got on the objective.  There were 3 pioneers in the woods contesting the objective.  4 Tanks went in -- 1 came out.  This left Lowell with just one tank, and the pioneers came out of the woods to finish it off.

An incredibly close game -- the final assault could easily have gone the other way!

After the winter war we had two fun games of 'Cash and Guns'.  I cant begin to describe how stupid and fun this game is!  Sorry the picture is blurry, but as you can see we are all shooting each other to get the most cash!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Not Art de la Guerre

Rod came up for a game of Art de la Guerre.  But the rules were no where in sight -- I must have left them in Hobart.  So we improvised, playing DBA twice, and then WWI Flames of War.

Game 1: DBA

I was Germans, and Rob was Romans.  The game was over quickly when a cavalry charge led by his general went south and his general was killed.

Game 2: DBA

Game 2 was a much more even affair, that was actually close until the final, sudden barbarian collapse gave the Romans a win.

Game 3 was Flames of War WWI.

I forgot to take pictures, but Rod managed a victory, though he did lose his one tank and a couple of assaulting platoons on the way.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Castles of Burgundy

Just a two player game as Dave was in the dog house from last week, Matty was travelling, and Mal was playing Fallout 4

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cameron is Visionary!

A review of Cameron's wargame.

Rommel is Useless

The bunker rats FOW Tournament.

My list was:

German Schutzen

Infantry Company, from Blitzkrieg, page 74

Compulsory Schutzen Company HQ (p.75) - CinC SMG, 2iC SMG, 2x Motorcycle and sidecar (45 pts)
- Warrior Erwin Rommel in Panzer 38(t) (must have other units with Panzer 38(t) (130 pts)

Compulsory Schutzen Platoon (p.75) - Command Rifle/MG, 6x Rifle/MG, Light mortar, Kfz 15 field car, 4x Kfz 70 truck (180 pts)
- Replace Command Rifle/MG with Command SMG (0 pts)
- Anti-tank rifle (20 pts)

Compulsory Schutzen Platoon (p.75) - Command Rifle/MG, 6x Rifle/MG, Light mortar, Kfz 15 field car, 4x Kfz 70 truck (180 pts)
- Replace Command Rifle/MG with Command SMG (0 pts)
- Anti-tank rifle (20 pts)

Czech Panzer Platoon (p.73) - Command Panzer 38(t) B, 3x Panzer 38(t) B (350 pts)

Anti-tank Gun Platoon (p.103) - Command SMG, 2x 3.7cm PaK36 gun (75 pts)
- Motorcycle and sidecar, Kfz 70 truck per gun (5 pts)

Heavy Anti-tank Gun Platoon (p.106) - Command Rifle, 8.8cm FlaK36 gun (190 pts)
- Extra Crew (10 pts)
- Kfz 15 field car, Sd Kfz 7 half-track per gun (5 pts)

Motorised Light Artillery Battery (p.104) - Command SMG, Staff, Observer Rifle, Motorcycle and sidecar, 4x 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer (360 pts)
- Kfz 15 field car, Kfz 68 radio truck, Sd Kfz 11 half-track per gun (5 pts)

Air Support (p.102) - Priority Ju 87B Stuka (Schwerpunkt) (175 pts)

1750 Points, 6 Platoons

Round 1 was against Lowell and his soviet Strelkovy

I had a simple plan -- use Rommel and his 38(t) panzer platoon to machine gun down the Russian horde.  Rommel's platoon rerolls failed stormtrooper rolls, so 8 times out of 9 at the end of any turn his platoon should be safely hiding behind terrain and impossible to target.  But, on turn 1, Rommel's platoon failed the stomtrooper roll.  Rommel failed the reroll.  Leaving the germsn 38(t) platoon in front of the massed anti tank guns of the Soviet army - who did mass destruction.  Rommel wasn't killed, he was the last tank left.  He failed morale and ran away.

With nothing to worry the Soviet T-35's they leisurely moved over to the objective.  OK -- it wasn't that leisurely -- the Stukas did kill one, and there were several bails.  Net result: 4:3 victory to Lowell.

There were some other games being played as well.

Round 2 was vs Rusty and his Polish army.

The Poles have an interesting rule, where an infantry platoon can come on from behind the attackers.

The germans attacked on their left (far edge in the picture).  Yet again, Rommel failed his stormtrooper and the reroll, leaving his panzers stuck under an artillery bombardment.  The Poles did a lot of damage, killing three tanks.  Rommel ran for cover the next turn, but another artillery barrage killed the remaining tank.  By this time the German infantry was ready to assault the objective.  Rommel joined in, as any platoon he joins becomes fearless.  The assault was bloody, but the Germans won.  But after the assault the German infantry had to take a morale test, which they failed.  Rommel chose to reroll, and he failed (and ran away)

Then the Polish infantry arrived behind the German artillery, killing the AT gun platoon, 88 platoon, and damaging the Artillery.  At this point the Germans controlled the objective, but had taken 4 out of 6 platoon losses.  The battle came down to a morale check -- if I passed, I won (having the objective).  if I failed, Rusty won.  I failed, and Rusty won a glorious 4:3 victory.

A couple of the other games

Round 3 was against Jim, who had an almost identical army.  Instead of Rommel and Artillery, he had an extra 38(t), machine guns, mortars, and and extra infantry platoon.

Jim attacks, as with bigger artillery the long game was in my favour.  The critical battle was on my right, where Jim's 5 tanks faced my 4 tanks.  The battle swung back and forth, but eventually Jim suffered two bails, with two tanks destroyed, and failed morale.  The remaining German tanks raced to the far objective.  Jim launched some desperate assaults with his infantry -- one was beaten off, but the other was an almost untouched platoon against Rommel and two AT guns -- it would have been a massacre, except that the infantry failed their morale test to attack Rommel's tank.  For the first time in the tournament, Rommel did something!  A bloody 4:3 to me.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Practice for the Bunker Rats tournament

A quick game between me and Lowell to practice for the bunker rats tournament

Lowell beat me convincingly, with his infantry hordes just taking too much to stop!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Eclipse Marathon

We finally finished a full game of eclipse. Kristian won, but only just. The game took forever -- Dave's comment near the end was 'I am over this' -- but that may be because he wasn't winning any battles.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I think I'm turning Japanese

A Japanese game double header at the office

Game 1 was Tokaido.

Game 2 was Takenoko -- the bamboo growing / panda feeding game.  I need to watch more TV, especially South Park, as everyone was referring to the Panda as 'Sexual Harassment Panda'. Kristian won, though I did manage a respectable second place.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

HOGS -- Castles of Burgundy and Code Words

Went to a HOGS meeting

Game 1 was Castles of Burgundy.  I Saw it being set up when I walked in and commented that I had always wanted to learn how to play it.  Next thing you know I was knee deep in a game.  I came second, though the winner was way, way ahead!

There was a fair turnout.  This meeting was on a Friday evening, and it was a very different crowd to Saturday evening meetings.

The second game was Code Words.  My team won both games, through pure luck.  In the first game there was a good grouping of words, and in the second game a team member guessed a card which happened to be correct, putting us in the box seat.

Monday, November 2, 2015

WWI Dogfight at Barries

See the corresponding post a Camp Cromwell

My Fokker got on the tail of a bomber.  The bomber was on fire.  The rear machine gun jammed.  I peppered it with shots.  But it just wouldnt go down.  Finally the rear gunner unjammed his machine gun and shot me out of the sky!  Very cinematic!

Quite the collection!!!!