Sunday, February 28, 2016


The new neighbors, Shannon and Amy, came over for dinner.  After Dinner a game of 'codenames' broke out.

The neighbors won 3 games out of 5 -- by the end we were getting pretty competitive!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lion Rampant (Dark Ages Version)

Rod put on a game of Lion Rampant using the dark ages supplement in Wargames Illustrated.

The Vikings were raiding a village.  The Saxons were defending.   To win, the vikings had to burn / loot either the village, the manor house, or the keep.  They had to get at least 10 glory points.  And have more glory points than the Saxons.  The Saxons won if the Vikings didnt!

Nick was Vikings, and Rod was Saxons.

The Vikings had two 'boasts' -- one boast gave them glory if the Saxons ever had two units battered at the same time.  And the other boast gave them glory of the Saxons lost more units.  They also had a fearsome warlord.  The Saxons had a more capable commander and a boast that I have forgotten.  The Vikings had fewer points, but the Saxons had 3 objectives to defend.

Rod explaining the rules

The Table set up, with the Keep, manor House, and Village.  Chits in each location have hidden deployment for the Saxons.

The Vikings attacked the Village, only to find a horde of Saxons defending the Village.

The Vikings came out of the wood and attacked the Saxons before they could create a shieldwall!  But the attack was beaten off!

The Saxons are still holding the village.  But repeated Viking charges have battered them.  Reinforcements are rushing up from the Manor house.  At the bottom of the picture, a unit of Saxon Huscarles has been battered by some Viking jarls.  But the Saxon Huscarls got revenge and wiped out the Jarls.  The guy with the horn survived the whole battle, and saw off two units of Vikings!!!!

The reinforcements arrived, but too late -- the village has been plundered!

In an attempt to pull a victory from defeat, the Saxon warlord challenged the Viking warlord to a duel.  But the Viking warlord won, adding even more glory to their total!

This system is fun!!!  Rod prefers it to Dux Bellorum.  I am equivocal -- I love both!

Moving Elizabeth

I was in Melbourne to help Elizabeth move.  While in Melbourne I had to stop in at various games stores!!!

Games Laboratory. 

Games Laboratory even has a bar downstairs!!!!!

Mind Games

Friday, February 12, 2016

Tie fighter horde

X-Wing at the club tonight.  Daniel showed us some tricks, given he has several years experience.

We had 100 points each in a 2 vs 2 game.  Me and Rob as the good guys, while Daniel and Lowell were those scum resistance folks that keep blowing up our ships.

At first the empire was doing well, when we shot down Bobba Fett (who was a mercenary for hire for the resistance).

But then the resistance got close.  They had autoblasters, and their close in firepower was destroying a ship or two a turn.  We just couldnt stand against them!!!

The battle was actually close.  If we had rolled a bit better, and taken out the resistance B-Wing, we could have kept our distance from the resistance and blasted them at long range!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fields of Glory

In my continued attempt to find a good set an ancient rules, and to play through each set at least once, Rod and I played Fields of Glory.  I have played this before, but Rod hadn't.  We played the two starter armies -- Roman and German.

We quickly gave up on the terrain setup, which is the WORST part of field of glory.  We just set up some reasonable looking terrain.

The game was closer than it looks.  It see-sawed in the middle and on my left flank.  But on the right flank some of Rod's skirmishers managed to beat some Auxilia.  Rod then exploited the advantage to start rolling up the Roman line.  The Roman cavalry intervened to stop the rot, but they couldn't do much than slow down the German steamroller.

The armies position for battle

Rod has won in the woods on the right

Roman Cavalry move right to slow the German's in the wood down

Rod looking triumphant!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe.  We played the first scenario.  It is a great game, but long -- as the photo shows!!!  We won, but we were on the verge of death.

The game requires you to explore the island (turning over hex tiles but risking nasty encounters with beasts etc.), build equipment (such as rope. a basket, etc.) and build shelter (building a roof and a palisade).  We were lucky -- we found a cave quickly, so shelter wasn't a problem.  But we also exhausted the food supplies that were close - we never figured out how to preserve food, and we were constantly on the brink of starvation.

Fortunately we found enough wood to build the signal fire, which was the object of the scenario.

Friday, February 5, 2016


X-Wing with Rob.  My Tie fighters were comprehensively destroyed by Rob -- I managed to hang on, but when I conceded all of my fighters were one hit away from destruction, and I had lost my two aces.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pandemic Legacy -- January


We had two outbreaks, and the yellow disease became drug resistant (and uncurable).  BUT, we cured and eliminated the black disease, and cured the other two diseases.  (When yellow became uncurable, the game objective changed to 'cure 3 diseases'.)

Matty scratching off the bonus card for winning January the first time

The final board.  Red could have been eliminated, but we chose to win the game instead!

Mal looking at what bonuses we could earn from our victory.  We chose the positive mutation for the black disease, and the pilot skill.  The black disease is now easier to cure, and we can travel around the board better!