Thursday, April 21, 2016

Aurelian done Right


While in Sydney I arranged a game of Aurelian.
Picked up and travelled to the club in style

They have a bar at the club!!!!!!!  (Its in the South Coogee Bowls Club)

There was a great looking game of Bolt Action

A Cigar Box Battle Mat in the flesh!!!.  It looked good, though lots of terrain had to be added over the mat.
Kings of War (a fantasy system)
There were all sorts of new rules!!!!

Our game of Aurelian -- Romans vs Sassanids.
Aurelian is a card management game.  Our opponent deciding how to respond to our attack.

The end of our game -- The Romans broke through the Sassanid left and pillaged their baggage (which was the grey squares)
Aurelian is a great system -- each army feels unique, though they all have the same mechanics.  Its the addition of a few army specific cards that change how each army operates.
There is a lot of analysis of card play -- do I play my good card now or hold it -- do I play the card for its point value in combat and movement, or for its special effect.  You can spend hours analysing the combinations.  It is a system that rewards multiple playings.  It has one defect -- if your troops are out of the action, you tend to leave them, as you are spending your cards at the point of attack.  In our game, our left flank never moved, and neither did the opposing Sassanid right flank.  Both sides couldn't afford to not spend cards at the decisive point rallying or trying to get that last push to break through.

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