Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fokkers, Fokkers, everywhere

An evening of WWI dogfights.

First up was a larger dogfight using Wings of Glory.  In a scenario loosely based on the death or the Red Baron, the middle of the table had a Bristol fighter (I didn't have a Camel) being tailed by an Albatross (I didn't have a spare Fokker Triplane).  Two American aircraft come on from one side of the table (I had to use Nieuports, as again I didn't have Sopwith Camels), while two Fokker triplanes come on from the far corner.  I was German, while Rod was Allied.

The Bristol shook the tailing Albatross, while the Americans race to the rescue.  The Albatross pilot was wounded by the Bristol rear gunner.

The Fokkers are slow, and a long way from the action.  Can they get there before the Albatross is shot down?

One of the American planes split off to deal with the Fokkers.

One of the Fokkers is on fire!!!!   Things aren't looking good!!!

The fire is out, but the other Fokker is smoking!

And, all of a sudden, it was over!!!  Both Nieports had been accumulating damage, and suddenly they both went down!  The Fokkers had been badly damaged.  But with just the Bristol left, Rod ran for home.

We then moved on to Blue Max.  Rod was German, and I was US.

Its the old version of Blue max.  It looks rather boring!!
Rod is master of the skies.  My planes are suffering.  And Rod got his revenge, as both went down.

We then went back to a quick two planes each Wings of Glory.  A Bristol and a Hanriot vs two Albatross's.

We had a couple of collisions.  One Albatross was damaged badly by a collision with the Hanriot, and then was shot down.  The other Albatross got critical damage and exploded!

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