Wednesday, April 27, 2016


A game of sword and spear at Rod's place.  The game was supposed to be a WWII combat, but Rod didnt think the game was balanced, so at the last minute he changed to Sword and Spear.

The game resembled Pharsalus -- a small veteran Roman force vs a large raw recruit Roman force.

The table looked great!!!!

Rod had a bathroom break, so I took a few snaps of his great 28's!!!!!!!

It took us a while to remember the rules, but we figured it out.  The forces get close.  On the left, Rod's veteran legions are skirting some rough terrain

Rod in thought.  Note that his veteran legions on the left have split up.

The forces meet.  My raw legions are taking casualties!!!!  But I have a follow up legion.

But my follow up legion wasnt needed.  My raw recruits beat the veterans!!!!!!  Partly helped by the splitting up of Rod's flank, so I managed to double team each of his veteran units.

Sword and Spear is a great game.  But twice we have had armies of crap just walk over veteran armies.  Either we arent doing something right, or there is a balance issue, or thats just plane bad luck.  But it seems to me that a few extra units on the flank allows you to get extra dice, and once that happens you can start rolling up flanks easily.

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