Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pandemic Legacy -- May (2)

We lost!!!!!!!   For the second time!!!!!

It was so close -- we had almost all of the victory conditions fulfilled.  We just needed to have one or fewer outbreaks on the second last turn, and we would have won.  But we got two outbreaks!!!!!  We had the cure for Blue in hand and the ability to build the last base to meet the victory conditions all in hand.  So close but so far!!!!

The starting position.  Not too bad.  Not much Yellow Fever disease, and only one Black Death 

The End.  Black Death eradicated.  Scarlet Fever cured.  But Yellow Fever was everywhere.

Deciding what to do.  We ended up building two military bases.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday School

There was a crowd at Barrie's place.  I played Saga and was raped by Anglo-Danes with Dane-Axes!

Friday, May 27, 2016

New Member, New Mat

We had a new member at the club -- Malcolm.  Malcolm has just moved to Launceston from Melbourne.

And, when we showed up at the club, the club had purchased a new mat or two!!!!!

We did a 3 player Flames of War game.  Malcolm had 1750 points of 21st Panzer.  Lowell had 1000 points of Russians, and I had 750 points of Russians.

Malcolm destroyed my force, and technically won the game.  But Lowell and Malcolm kept playing, and Lowell pulled out a win.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Classic Hack

We tried Classic hack.  Rod as Romans, vs me as barbarians.

There was a slight delay, as when Rod walked in the door he said that Joe Dodgy's had discovered some hidden Wings of Glory stock.  This resulted in me doing some impromptu ordering!!!!

Back to Classic Hack.  The rules are obviously 90's vintage.  I found them hard to follow, with things like combat scattered all over the rules, not just in the combat section.

The battle was a walk over.  We found barbarian infantry just way too powerful -- they walked through the Roman legionaries, and Rod conceded.  Either we did something very wrong, or the rules are unbalanced.  But either way I found the rules just too hard to follow to bother giving them a second try.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Forbidden Island

Game night at the office.  Only Kristian and I were there, so we tried Forbidden Island.

Forbidden Island is hard with 2 players -- you need to collect 4 of each treasure card, and your hand size is 5.  So you keep having to throw away cards as you try to build your sets.  But eventually we got there, before the Island sank!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Wonderous, no Splendiforous Evening!

I dropped into the Hobart Games Society for a night of wild women and games.  Well, games anyway.

Played two games -- a 7 player version of 7 Wonders, and then Splendor.  I managed to win both, so I was feeling cocky.  I will now proceed to lose for the next 6 months!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Babies and Games

We went over to David and Beth's place for dinner and games.  The star was David and Beth's newborn daughter Elizabeth.

We played Betrayal at the House on the Hill.  It turned out I was the betrayer, with an alien disease.  I passed the disease to David, so he joined my side.  And we managed to kill everyone else for the win!

Susan spent way too much time with Elizabeth!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Visit by Alex

Alex was home for a surprise visit.  He wasn't feeling well, so we played a game of Dominion

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Not Enough Death

A playtest of Rod's rules. As usual, the table was beautiful. Canadians (me) attacking Germans (Rod) in Normandy, all in spectacular 20mm.

The table was spectacular

The 20mm figures were great.  And the Germans (Rod) were hiding, waiting for the attack

The Canadians were up to the task.  4 platoons of Infantry, three Shermans, and a platoon of machine gunners.

But we quickly found a rules flaw.  It was too hard to move, and too hard to kill anything.  1/2 way through the game we doubles movement and ranges, and made it easier to kill things.

I finally got to the hedge row -- but my infantry had been shot up.  No chance of taking the manor house!!!!  So I conceded.

Rod has the start of a good system -- there were some tweaks to work out though.  The rules reminded me of Chain of Command, so we will try that soon and see if any mechanics can be adapted.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kingston Kup 2016

The day started badly, when I came up against 8 tigers.  This game could have gone my way with a bit of luck -- I needed my aircraft or artillery or M10's to get a couple of tigers early, and then my infantry could have advanced on an objective.  But while I had some good luck, it didn't appear till later in the game, when the tide had turned.  1-6 loss.

Game 2 was against Oakie.  I had to take an objective on the extreme right of the table.  By the end of turn 2 my Stuarts had rushed across the table and taken the objective -- but they then took an artillery casualty, failed morale, and ran away.  If they had stayed I had a 6-1 victory!  I kept assaulting, and kepts getting pounded by artillery.  Eventually I ran out of units and time -- a 1-6 loss!

Game 3 was a new scenario called Breakout.  I was charged with attacking Jim, with his encircling forces coming on in my rear.  I charged forward on one flank, with my Stuarts and M10's launching an assault on his infantry in the woods to take an objective.  The M10's bounced affter losing one tank and doing some damage.  The stuarts went in and reduced the infantry to one stand, were reduced to one tank, and then bounced.  Dueling morale checks decreed that both Jim's infantry and my Stuarts broke, leaving an objective uncontested.   Meanwhile, Jim's reserves had arrived and did great execution on my artillery and anti-tank forces.  His tanks broke through and got close enough that they could have contested the objective.  My M10's got into a duel with the German tanks, and lost!  But one last anti tank gun got a long range hail mary shot that stuck, and the German tanks broke.  By this time both sides were in bad shape.  Jim got some maultier rocket launchers, and they did great execution.  But I got a lucky airstrike which killed the maultiers, and Jim failed an army morale test.  4-3 win to me.

Game 4 was vs Ben.  Ben and I were vying for the wooden spoon.  Ben had a beautiful flaaschirmjager list, with 2+ morale rolls -- just about impossible to break.  Whats more, he had minefields!!!!  Ben was defending, and managed to build minefields around impassable terrain to have a set of totally safe objectives!!!  I managed to attack one unit of fallshirmjagers that were outside of the fortifications and killed it, leaving my troops damaged.  Ben made a mistake of trying to finish off my damaged troops, and bought on his reinforcements where he could attack me.  But the plan went awry, and I killed his reinforcements.  Once my artillery killed his 88's, he was on a company morale test.  My turn consisted of dropping artillery to no effect, and then seeing if Ben could pass morale.  Eventually he rolled a 1.  A 6-1 to me!!!!

Game 5 was against Oakie again.  This time the game was decided by who was the attacker.  I was defending, and chose to set up on a virtually impassable hill.  Oakie had two options for attacking me -- a single road up the hill or a long walk around the hill.  In the first turn he failed to kill my arillery observer, who bought down devastating fire on  his infantry working up the single road.  And my aircraft pounded his troops walking around the hill.  Next turn he still didnt hit my observer.  I popped an M10 ambush and took out some of his tanks, and Oakie conceeded -- the artillery  were going to kill a ton more of his infantry, and there was just no way he could get into an assault in any shape to actually win it.  A 6-1 to me.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Beaten by Youth

Went to HOGS.  I was invited to join a game of Splendor with Steven, Andrew (a teenager), and a teenager whose name I cant remember.

We started off with Splendor, where I sneaked a victory at the last minute.

We then played 7 Wonders, and the teenagers spanked me -- I managed to come dead last!!!

The meeting was at the back of the Lenah Valley Community Hall


Seven Wonders just starting

A teenager planning my demise!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Might of Arms

Might of Arms is a 90's rule set for Ancients.  It had a lot of positive reviews, but never took off.  And after playing it, I will give it another positive review.  The whole sequence of play is strong -- player 1 moves and shoots, player 2 moves and shoot, player 1 shoots stuff that is now in range, then both players make charge moves and fight melees.  Finally, there is a sequence of morale checks.  Being attacked in the flank doesnt do much damage, but really hurts in morale checks, and flanked units can rout easily, removing the need for their opponents to do morale checks.  The second charge move has charging units advancing well in advance of their support troops, and results in a dynamic battle.

This is a system I would happily play again.

The forces approach

A cavalry fight broke out on the left.

Rod moving the Roman battle line into place

A mess in the centre of the battlefield.  A flanked warband has broken.  The Cavalry fight on the left is STILL going on.

The Romans eventually won the cavalry battle.  But by that time the Roman Auxilia had been destroyed, and the legions were down to two final beaten up legions.  We called it as a Barbarian victory, but it was close.  We found missile fire was very powerful -- I need to double check the rules to make sure we weren't overpowering the skirmishers.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pandemic Legacy -- May (1)

We got our arse kicked again!!!!!  The dark continent is now really, really dark!!!!!  The uncurable disease has spread from South America to Africa and has really taken hold.

We had dispatcher, quarantine specialist, researcher, and medic.  We had an option for a new character -- the colonel.  We should have taken him -- he uses military actions to kill plague carriers!!!

The setup

The first epidemic was in Atlanta -- a couple of players got scars!!!

Things are looking good

We have an epidemic.  But things should be OK as long as we dont draw Cairo.  Guess what we draw!!!  And then we draw Khartoum right next door!!!   Cascading disaster!!!!!

Don't go to Africa!!!!!!!