Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Might of Arms

Might of Arms is a 90's rule set for Ancients.  It had a lot of positive reviews, but never took off.  And after playing it, I will give it another positive review.  The whole sequence of play is strong -- player 1 moves and shoots, player 2 moves and shoot, player 1 shoots stuff that is now in range, then both players make charge moves and fight melees.  Finally, there is a sequence of morale checks.  Being attacked in the flank doesnt do much damage, but really hurts in morale checks, and flanked units can rout easily, removing the need for their opponents to do morale checks.  The second charge move has charging units advancing well in advance of their support troops, and results in a dynamic battle.

This is a system I would happily play again.

The forces approach

A cavalry fight broke out on the left.

Rod moving the Roman battle line into place

A mess in the centre of the battlefield.  A flanked warband has broken.  The Cavalry fight on the left is STILL going on.

The Romans eventually won the cavalry battle.  But by that time the Roman Auxilia had been destroyed, and the legions were down to two final beaten up legions.  We called it as a Barbarian victory, but it was close.  We found missile fire was very powerful -- I need to double check the rules to make sure we weren't overpowering the skirmishers.

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