Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Not Enough Death

A playtest of Rod's rules. As usual, the table was beautiful. Canadians (me) attacking Germans (Rod) in Normandy, all in spectacular 20mm.

The table was spectacular

The 20mm figures were great.  And the Germans (Rod) were hiding, waiting for the attack

The Canadians were up to the task.  4 platoons of Infantry, three Shermans, and a platoon of machine gunners.

But we quickly found a rules flaw.  It was too hard to move, and too hard to kill anything.  1/2 way through the game we doubles movement and ranges, and made it easier to kill things.

I finally got to the hedge row -- but my infantry had been shot up.  No chance of taking the manor house!!!!  So I conceded.

Rod has the start of a good system -- there were some tweaks to work out though.  The rules reminded me of Chain of Command, so we will try that soon and see if any mechanics can be adapted.

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