Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pandemic Legacy - June

It really is amazing how easy Pandemic Legacy is without Nick playing.

We won with zero outbreaks. We got to turn 4 yellow cards into equipment cards and we can cure red with one fewer card and it doesn't take an action to cure it.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Slave Smuggling!!!!

Paul, Leanne, and matty came over for a game of Freedom.  Unfortunately, Paul is moving to Melbourne -- so future games with Paul will be few and far between!!!

Freedom is an interesting game -- can you get the escaping slaves to freedom.  We won at the last possible moment, and it was a nail biter.  I would recommend this!!!!

Matty is explaining the rules

Some slaves are fleeing to freedom!  Can we get 22 of them to Canada?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Shooting Fish in a Barrel -- and Missing

Played a game of Flames of War against Malcolm.  He had his 21st Panzers.  I had British Armour.  It was a long drawn out game, with each side missing easy shots.  But the British luck can be summarised by the fact that 6 armoured cars tried to scoot around the British flanks and get side shots on the British armour.  They missed, but the return fire missed.  And this happened for 3 turns in a row!!!!!

Eventually Malcolm won:a 4-3 victory.

A French village to attack

Malcolm happy with the number of smoking British tanks.

Those pesky Armoured Cars!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

To the Strongest

Played To The Strongest with Rod, doing Pharsalus.  We were learning the rules, so we played on the simple level.  We each managed to outflank on our right, but Rod lost one of his generals early on to machine gun firing Cretan archers, and this really slowed down what he could do.  Eventually my flank attack worked, and Rod conceded.

My Cretan archers coming foward to shoot at the opposing Numidian Light Cavalry with a Heroic General.  I dur a ton of 9 and 10 value cards to kill the cavalry and the general!
The battle as it starts to unfold

Battle is joined.  Caesar (me) has elite legions.  Pompey (Rod) has double ranked recruit legions.

The move mechanic is by card draws.  If you can draw a card higher than the last one you played on a unit, you can move again.

Pompey has success -- his right flank beat a legion.  Only to have the Cretans draw lucky cards again, and destroy the victorious legion!

My flank attack just couldnt break through!

But when it did the raw legionaries were rolled up quickly.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Went to the HOGS meeting.  The meeting started at 4:00 pm, but I didnt get there till 7:00.  So I was waiting till games finished to join in.  I did join in on a game of Concordia.  This is a VERY interesting game -- highly recommended.  Close to Agricola as one one my favorite games.

Turn 1 -- I was blue, and headed for Spain and Africa -- because they were close to where I was sitting.

Packing up -- lots of pieces to sort out

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Flooded Fokkers

The plan was for a 4 player (2 players a side) WWI dogfight with Fokkers, Camels, Albatrosses, etc. using Wings of Glory.

However, floods in Launceston got in the way.  Only Lowell could make it.  Rob was being evacuated, and Rod was worried he wouldnt be able to get back home (a not unreasonable concern!)

So we did 4 planes each.  I had 2 Fokkers and 2 Albatross, while Lowell had a Bristol and 3 Camels.  I had a height advantage, but in the end that wasn't that much of an advantage!  I had to dive to the same level as Lowell to engage.

Water under the King St Bridge on the way home

There is a park and a swimming pool under that water!

The battle commences!

What a chaotic furball.  Kirchsten (Fokker with the stripes) is tailing a Camel

One Camel down.  But I keep confusing the Albatrosses, and they keep flying away from the combat.

Eventually, all of my planes were bought down.  But the Allies werent in good shape -- they had two planes that were held together by sticky tape!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Farming is so easy ...

A 4 player game of Agricola at the office.

Agricola has to be just about my favorite game.  Partly because I seem to be good at it -- I won this game handily.  But I just like the mechanic and the fact you need to look forward a few turns.

Setting Up

My Farm.  I have expanded the house.  And I had a child so I have an extra farm worker.  I only have 1 cow, and some plowed fields, but lots of stockpiled resources.  Also I piurchased a couple of improvements -- and oven and a basket weaver's workshop.

Mal taking the wood I needed!!!!!

Scoring at the end of the game.  I had managed to get some sheep and a pig, and bought a few more improvements.  Notice I upgraded the house to a stone dwelling.

Another view of the end game

Monday, June 6, 2016

Setting up for Arras

Setting up the garage table for the Battle of Arras -- Rommel stops a British tank attack during the Blitzkrieg.

Lothar Rides Again

Susan wanted me out of the house, so I went over the Barrie,s place for a quick game of Wings of Glory!!  An Albatross and a Fokker DR1 vs two RE8.

I kept getting my left and right command cards mixed up, and Lothar kept turning the wrong way.  He did get on the tail of an RE8.  But the damage cards give and the damage cards taketh away.  About 8 damage cards in a row for Lothar were zero.  And then he drew the explosion card.  And the Albatross drew an explosion card as well the next turn!!!!

An interesting paint job on a DR1

Barrie's Germans

The openning stage of the fight

Friday, June 3, 2016

Somewhere in the Jungle

Flames of War Vietnam -- Nick (Vietnamese) vs Malcolm (US)

Malcolm has obviously played Flames of War Vietnam before.  he chose a devastating list.  Three infantry platoons (one each to hold an objective, and one to attack with), and an insane amount of artillery.  Couples with 4 helicopter gunships that rotated back to their base so there were always two gunships able to fire a full salvo of rockets.

I did try to spring a couple of traps -- a mortar company came out of ambush and direct fired onto some yankees.  The return fire from the helicopters was brutal!  A recoilless rifle platoon did the same, and was savaged the next turn.  The total sum of damage done -- one US infantry wounded (who the medic killed)

I had hoped to ambush my AA under some helicopters, but Malcolm was incredibly careful, making sure the helicopters only flew over ground occupied by US infantry.

After half a dozen turns the Vietnamese had been ground down, and melted into the jungle.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Double Header at Rods

A double header.  Rod quickly destroyed my as we playtested his rules again.  And then he shot me down playing Blue max!!!!

My British advance

Germans holding the hedgerow.  They have taken out one tank, and the AT gun has taken out the other!

What is that in the distance?  Must be a Tiger!!!!  (All German tanks are Tigers)

Game 2 was Blue max using Wings of War planes.  A fantastic dogfight, but two critical hits on two of my Fokker's saw me quickly down to one plane, which managed to limp home with a horde on its tail.