Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Flooded Fokkers

The plan was for a 4 player (2 players a side) WWI dogfight with Fokkers, Camels, Albatrosses, etc. using Wings of Glory.

However, floods in Launceston got in the way.  Only Lowell could make it.  Rob was being evacuated, and Rod was worried he wouldnt be able to get back home (a not unreasonable concern!)

So we did 4 planes each.  I had 2 Fokkers and 2 Albatross, while Lowell had a Bristol and 3 Camels.  I had a height advantage, but in the end that wasn't that much of an advantage!  I had to dive to the same level as Lowell to engage.

Water under the King St Bridge on the way home

There is a park and a swimming pool under that water!

The battle commences!

What a chaotic furball.  Kirchsten (Fokker with the stripes) is tailing a Camel

One Camel down.  But I keep confusing the Albatrosses, and they keep flying away from the combat.

Eventually, all of my planes were bought down.  But the Allies werent in good shape -- they had two planes that were held together by sticky tape!!!

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