Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saga campaign -- season 1

The bonfires went up - the alarm had been sounded!  The Vikings were approaching the coast of Scotland!  Soon a messenger arrived -- it appeared that the most noble of Vikings, Niklaus Angrimson, was leading a raid!!!

But what were they after?  Iain McWadsley had no doubt.  This was an attempt to steal the precious and saintly relic -- the Madonna with the large Boobies.  There was only one thing to do -- hide the relic in the mountain caves.

But the cunning Niklaus predicted this is what the Scots would do!  He set up his men in a village on the way to the mountains, and waited for the treasure to come to him ....

The first battle of our Saga campaign.  Nick (with Vikings), leading a raid on John (with Scots).  It was "The Escort" scenario, with John having to get two out of three wagons of loot off the other edge of the table.
The mounted Scottish nobles on each flank charged forward
The Noble McWadsley had to consult the good book to determine the effect of his nobles throwing javelins.
Unfortunately, the nobles got too close on one flank.  The Viking bondi charged in, and were repulsed.  But the beserkers then finished off the nobles.  Meanwhile, Niklaus and some other warriors charged forward to attack the Scottish archers.
A unit of Scottish nobles got around the village, and prepared to attach some Viking archers
The vile McWadsley got too close to some Vikings, and the only action he could take was to charge them.  Things may have worked out well -- McWadsley wasn't called 'Troll Hide' for nothing.  But even his thick skin couldn't save him!!!
Meanwhile the precious treasure was making its way to safety.  Could McWadsley's noble sacrifice allow the treasure to escape?  Um, no.  McWadsley went down, as did his warriors and nobles.  Then the baggage was easy pickings.
All that survived of McWadsley's force were 7 archers that fled to spread the tale of the fearsome Vikings.

But what is this limping in -- if it isn't the troll hide McWadsley himself!  Muttering 'it's just a flesh wound', he lives to fight another day, though he has another scar to add to his troll hide!  And his noble example has inspired the local nobles.  Troops have flocked to McWadsley, eager to avenge the loss of the 'Madonna with the large Boobies'.  He now has better troops than before!!!!!  (75% of John's casualties came back post game.  Then he got some recruits to bring one unit of warriors back to 8 men.  And then, after a game of crap dice, John rolled double 6 on the post battle results table, letting him choose his bonus.  He upgraded the 8 warrior unit to hearthguard!).

But Niklaus didn't do too badly either.  He now has extra treasure.  And the experience slaughtering Scots has toughened his forces up -- he also got to upgrade a unit of warriors to hearthguard!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kingston Hogs

Went to the HOGS meeting in Kinston.

Played 7 wonders.  Managed to come 2nd in a 7 player game, which I was happy with.

The played a game of German Railroads.  Came equal 2nd/3rd in a 3 player game.

Those large Magic playmats are da Bomb!!!   pity they are so expensive!

Trying to figure out Railroads.  I screwed it up, but still managed to catch up towards the end.

Friday, July 29, 2016


For the first time ever, I got to go down to Kingston for one of their regular meetings at Griggsy's place, and join in and play.  I was pared with Martin (this is an approximation of his real Polish name) who is just learning.

Flames of war -- 1500 points -- British Armour (Martin) vs German 2. Panzerdivision (me)

The game was fun.  Martin was new, playing a scenario that didn't really play to his armies strengths, and playing on a board where the Germans had lots of ability to hide.  So the result was predictable.

Playing in the Garage.  Had to open the door to make room.  Thank goodness it wasn't too cold!

The large table is covered with painting in progress

The painting queue

It was very civilised, with some Whisky being shared

Martin sets up his troops.

His final disposition -- an attack down one flank

There was a Team Yankee game going on

German tanks came out of ambush and did mass destruction.  Reserves arrived to help!

The end result.  A lot of burning tanks.  But it was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A long awaited return!

Its been a long, long time since I managed to get to Camp Cromwell -- but I finally made it!!!!

It was a 3 player a side tank war game.  But most noticeable was the re-arranged wargames room!!!!

A bunch of old codgers

Trying to decide who is on what side

Jim explaining the forces available

Checking line of sight with the fancy laser thingy

The shelves are groaning with figures

Get those tanks moving!!!!!

I tried an experiment with a howitzer on a halftrack.  It didnt work!

Getting pictures for the Camp Cromwell blog

Steve's troops ganging up on some commandos that are hiding in a building

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Slippery Business

Went to HOGS, but I shouldn't have.  It was a cold winters night -- good for games.

Taught some new starters Dominion.  They both won!!!!  Then played Seven Wonders, and again the new starter won!!!!

We started off with Dominion

Took Marie (our exchange student) along.  With new starter Martha
After games I found the road up Tolmans Hill so icy that I had to park and walk!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Attack at the Sunday School House

Barrie's Sunday School get together.

In the background there was a game of Saga, as we prepared for the Saga campaign.

But I played in the Muskets and Tomahawks game with Barrie, John, and Rusty.  This was a close run thing.  As Indians (me) and French (Barry), we had to raid a convoy of supply wagons and terrified women.  The indians didnt do too well, but did manage a few scalps.  And they captured a supply wagon.  The French couer de bois Militia also managed to capture the English women.

We abandoned the game, which was probably a minor British victory, to set up the Saga campaign for the next few weeks.

Roger's Rangers and British Militia fan out to protect the convoy

Barry moves to block the convoy, while a blurry John watches.

Close to the end.  One unit of Roger's rangers has been scalped by the Indians, and the second unit is about to meet the same fate.  But the redcoats are coming!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dragged Marie to HOGS

We have a new exchange student, Marie.  She was still jet lagged, so I dragged her along to HOGS to fill an evening (as she had only just woken up)

Two games of Splendor and then a game of Stone Age.  I won both Splendor games easily, and it was getting a bit embarrassing.  But Anthony smashed me at stone age!

Marie and Sarah playing Splendor

Friday, July 8, 2016

Last Game at LGC for a few months

Had a game at the LGC with Rob and Malcolm.

It was 2 on 1.  Technically we lost, because on of the Russian companies broke -- even though the other got to the objective and handily held it.

Last meal at Harri's Curry

Malcolm setting up

Rob with a box of terrain

Rob leading the charge

Some Panthers came out of ambush and destroyed a platoon of engineers!

Rob looking concerned

But this is the sort of die rolls Malcolm got all night!

On the other flank, my IS-2's walked over the objective.  The Germans were speed bumps.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Last shootout at Rod's place (for a while, at least)

My new job is managing staff in Melbourne, and hence I probably wont be in Launceston for my usual Tuesday night games with Rod.  This is rather sad, as over the last year we have played a ton of games, experimenting with various rules systems.  So this may be our last game for a while!

We did a couple of aerial battles -- WWI using Canvas Eagles on Rod's new hex mat, and then WWII with Focke Wulffs vs Mustangs.  I really like Canvas Eagles -- crunchy detail but fairly playable.

Rod has quite the collection of WWI planes now!!!  (And WWII planes at the back)

Some WWII bombers and fighters, including Memphis Belle and an HE 111.

Gosh those WWI planes are colourful!

Our dogfight using Canvas Eagles -- a lucky shot from Rod had my plane smoking straight way

The planes shot past each other

My plane out cirled Rods, and I am getting on his tail.

What will rod plan for his move?

I'm on Rod's tail!!!!!

Rod did an immelman, letting me get a great shot.  But then I misjudged, and lost the tail and ended up letting rod get a shot on me.  He shot my planes tail off, and it was all over!

We moved to WWII -- my Mustangs set up.

The Germans (Rod) and my mustangs flew through each other.  I tried to turn back around to get another shot.

One of the Focke Wulffs is down, and the other is being pursued.  Another shot and it was gone!!!!