Friday, July 29, 2016


For the first time ever, I got to go down to Kingston for one of their regular meetings at Griggsy's place, and join in and play.  I was pared with Martin (this is an approximation of his real Polish name) who is just learning.

Flames of war -- 1500 points -- British Armour (Martin) vs German 2. Panzerdivision (me)

The game was fun.  Martin was new, playing a scenario that didn't really play to his armies strengths, and playing on a board where the Germans had lots of ability to hide.  So the result was predictable.

Playing in the Garage.  Had to open the door to make room.  Thank goodness it wasn't too cold!

The large table is covered with painting in progress

The painting queue

It was very civilised, with some Whisky being shared

Martin sets up his troops.

His final disposition -- an attack down one flank

There was a Team Yankee game going on

German tanks came out of ambush and did mass destruction.  Reserves arrived to help!

The end result.  A lot of burning tanks.  But it was a lot of fun.

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