Sunday, October 16, 2016

Operation Cromwell and HOGS!!!

Went to Operation Cromwell VI, where I had a lot of fun, but was totally annihilated.  This was a Bolt Action tournament.  My list was infantry focused, with lots of small units.  I dished out lots of damage, but also died quickly!  I did win the 'Stalin Award', for producing the most casualties (on either side)

After Operation Cromwell I came home, but the family flaked out, so I drove down to HOGS.

A high point -- my Bazooka team took out a Panther!

One of the tables was BEAUTIFULL!!!!

Jim had a motorised platoon -- once my Bazooka's died I had a hard time!!  I ended up conceding this one!

A crowd at HOGS (at A52)

Scythe in progress

I got roped into Orleans -- which I love!

There was Twilight Imperium

Martha plotting someones demise

Lots of thought in Orleans!

Martha's fleet looks a lot smaller -- looks like her attack didnt go well!

What does THIS card do???

My farms aren't doing that well!!!!

Rob planning to take some vital resource!

I realised too late what I needed to do!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Games Lab with Lowell

Met up with Lowell at the games lab.  Played in a game of 'The Resistance'.  But had to leave soon after as Alex was sick.

Not much of a board!

Who was the traitor?  Well, he is in the picture!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Powergrid India

Went to Hogs, and played Tiny Epic Galaxies, Viking, and Powergrid India

Vikings.  I didnt really grok this game.

More Vikings

Power Grid India

Bliss on another table

Close up of Power Grid India