Friday, June 16, 2017

Big Elephants!

Carl did Alexander vs Porus using 28mm figures.  They look fantastic!

Indian Chariots!

The battle line set up.  Cavalry in the middle of Alexander's line though!!!   What was he thinking!!!

Those pikes are intimidating!

Carl takes some pictures

The battle lines close.  Alexander has redeployed his cavalry, leaving a hole in his line!

Disaster - -Alexanders light troops fall to the Indian bowmen

But before the bowmen can escalate, the Elephants in front of the pikes start dying.  Suddenly Alexander is winning on one flank

On the other flank bow fire was taking its toll of the phalanx.  But with one flank collapsing, the Indians had to charge in!

The final position.  The Indian chariots have charged but are losing to the companions.  Alexanders right flank has crushed everything in front of it,  The Indian center is about to be outflanked.

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