Sunday, August 6, 2017

Winter Gamefest 2017

Winter Gamefest 2017.

Played in the Splendor tournament.  Got knocked out in the first round -- Rob Torok and I had the same strategy and kept competing for cards!

Martha won the Advanced Splendor prize!

Played Seven Wonders Duel while manning the front desk

There were two rooms full of games!

Started playing Unfair, but had to go and pick up Lara and Morgan

Played Splendor with the girls, then Sheriff of Nottingham

Andrew planning to lie about his contraband!!

Morgan was the best lier of all!!!!!!

Cameron was at the fest -- playing Captain Sonar!

Playing Alhambra with Sarah, Lara, Morgan, and Martha

Nema, one of the other Swiss exchange students arrived and we restarted

Finally, played Machi Koro.  Cameron joined in!

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