Sunday, September 10, 2017

Star Wars Rebellion rematch -- so cinematic

Cameron and I had a rematch of Rebellion.  Cameron was the empire, and I was the rebels.

This time Cameron spread out quickly.  I consolidated around the rebel base.  When Cameron had figured out where the base was, he couldn't get his fleets there in time to crush it.

Highlights included:
- Bobba Fet discovered where the base was, and lead an attack using troops from Coruscant (center of the Empire).  The attack failed, but it took a bunch of rebels down.  Chewbacca lead a secret counterattack to Coruscant that scored a ton of VPs.
- Darth Vader managed to capture Obi-wan.  Luke lead a rescue mission, and using the 'return of the Jedi' card, managed to eliminate Darth Vader.

Once again, this was a nailbiter.  Another turn and Cameron would have won.

Cameron with his map of where the rebels aren't!

Where could they be?

Booba Fett about to lead an attack on the Rebel base!

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