Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A scenario from "To Kill a King"

Jim put on a scenario from "To Kill a King".  The Scots are retreating.  Their rearguard is delaying a parliamentarian advance guard.  I was English (Parliamentarian), along with Jim (who was Cromwell) and Steve.  Oakie and Mike were the Scots.

The Parliamentarians move to attack.  The parliamentarian cavalry got bad command dice, so they stayed still.

The troops had to cross a valley with a stream, and then face defenses on the far bank.

The gang deciding what to do.

The English got pushed back!!!

The English cavalry is still not advancing

At this point I stopped taking pictures.  But the English flank march under Cromwell arrived, and the Scots crumbled.  But the Scots did better than historically, and can claim victory!

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