Sunday, October 15, 2017


Played over 3 days (though I only played the first 2 days)

Game 1 was a fight over a hill.  I was Russian, and had to defend.  At a critical point I failed morale to assault a weakened German position, and ended up being pushed back off the crest.  Loss to me.

Game 2 was the grain elevator.  I had a chance for victory, trying to assault 3 times but being pushed back when the defensive fire rolled above average.  Result was a draw.

Game 3 was an attack to retake a nearby Russian village.  It started off badly when the German artillery kept surviving everything I could throw at it.  But a flank attack by T-70's was extremely successful.  A close game where I scraped a victory.

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  1. Hi Nick. Sorry, that I have to contact you this way again, but the e-mail address in your profile isn't working. Just wanted to ask if you will include the new 'Red Thunder' and upcoming 'Stripes' in your Team Yankee Lists blog, please?